LUXURY EDITION - Indian Ghodiyu Baby Swing & Hammock
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LUXURY EDITION - Indian Ghodiyu Baby Swing & Hammock

RCD0056: LUXURY EDITION - Indian Ghodiyu Baby Swing & Hammock
LUXURY EDITION - Indian Ghodiyu Baby Swing & Hammock
Our Price: $209.99
Retail Price: $299.99
You Save: $90.00

Normally Ships Within 1-2 Days.

Both you and your baby will absolutely love this!

You will not find another swing anywhere else that is more beautiful, sturdy, and well constructed than this one! You can't get a better quality swing than our Luxury Edition baby swing! This is truly the best of the best!

This Luxury Edition Ghodiyu is our "Top Of The Line Model" and our best and most popular selling baby swing.

This beautiful special edition Luxury Edition swing is like the Lexus of baby swings and is the best swing you can buy. It features a new modern look and it is made from the highest quality materials including a polished stainless steel with a gorgeous authentic design.

This model is also portable, highly durable, and amazingly sturdy and strong! The hollow rods in this model are reinforced with metal making them extremely stable.

This baby swing and hammock is great way to help babies get the sleep and rest they need. This swing will comfort your baby without you having to rock, swaddle, and constantly have to comfort your baby, and it will help to encourage your baby to sleep on their own. This swing will do all the work for you so both you and your baby are happy!

Best of all, this model is designed for the 21st century family with a modern look and it is highly functional and sturdy. The Luxury Edition folds up in less than 1 minute and requires almost no assembly so you can take it very easily to your parents or relatives house while they watch over your precious child.

  • Ships locally from Southern California.
  • This item ships fully assembled when purchased through our website.
  • Delivery in 1-5 days.
  • Local pickup available!
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    Strength And Sturdiness Of The Luxury Edition Baby Swing & Hammock Video...

    A "Ghodiyu" is an Indian word which means helping babies sleep. Parents in India have used this type of device for hundreds of years so that their baby can fall asleep quickly and get the rest they need while developing proper sleeping habits.

    This Ghodiyu Luxury Edition baby swing is great for infants and babies between the ages of 1 - 28 months. Simply place the baby in the soft organic cotton padded hammock and tug on the tether to provide a gentle rocking motion. This soothes and relaxes your child relieving them of any discomfort.

    It helps babies fall asleep faster and sleep better and it can help relieve an upset stomach due to gas (colic) symptoms with a soothing rocking motion that is guaranteed to relax the baby.

    This model is manufactured by an ISO9001 company which means it meets the highest quality control standards.

    RiasCRAZYDeals.com is the exclusive distributor of these swings in the United States!

    This swing is made of the highest grade of stainless steel and will last forever so you can pass it down to your grandchildren. Wooden swings are extremely heavy, clunky in size, and they do not last as long.

    What's In The Box Video...

    How The Swing Works:
  • Place the baby in the hammock on their back.
  • Gently swing or pull on the tether back and forth. The baby will rock back and forth and will enjoy the soothing rocking motion.
  • If you are outdoors like in the backyard on a summer evening, you can zip up the hammock with the baby inside.
  • The cover is transparent like a screen door. This prevents mosquito and bug bites while the family enjoys the summer nights together.

    Swing Benefits:
  • The swaying and rocking motion aids in food digestion allowing your baby to sleep better.
  • If your baby moves around while sleeping the hammock moves with them and sways them right back to sleep.
  • You get to control how your baby falls asleep and personally get to soothe them to sleep.
  • The baby feels a sense of comfort and security in the swing like when the baby was in the warm womb.
  • This swing has been proven to help prevent against SIDS and Flat Head Syndrome.
  • The swing is compact and folds up. Its unique design saves space and can be assembled in any room in your house or relatives place.
  • Your baby can sleep right next to you while you are in your bed to promote independent sleeping habits.
  • Completely safe for babies. No recalls on this product by the nature of its design. Unlike Amby Baby which went through a product recall.

  • Easily assembled without any tools in less than 2 minutes!!
  • Our competitors will send this to you from India in 50 pieces with no instructions. We do all the work for you and will assemble the swing so that all you have to do is take it out of the box and it is ready to go!

    What's In The Box?:
  • 1 Metallic Ghodiyu Indian Baby Swing.
  • 1 Comfortable Soft Cotton Hammock.

  • Please note that the endcaps(SKU RCD0057) and carrying case (SKU RCD0061) featured in the pictures and video are a recommended optional accessory which are sold separately and they are not included with the swing purchase.

    Dimensions & Weight (Length x Width x Height) In Inches (Fully Assembled):
  • 35" x 46" x 37"
  • Weighs about 17 pounds

    Included is one soft cotton hammock with the purchase of each swing. If you would like an EXTRA hammock look at our product SKU RCD0052 which is an Additional Hammock made for this swing. Please specify your hammock color preference in the comments section of the shopping cart when you checkout.

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